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27.09.2016 15:02
Galor figure
Galor figure

my first figure ^^

08.09.2015 20:58
Through or under?
Through or under?

I was inspired from one of my drawings of this.

28.05.2015 22:54
Figure not found

DO you think you can figure this out?

01.05.2015 00:35
Penrose Sierpinski

Sierpinski's triangle made of Penrose triangles. My brain is happy.

09.04.2015 11:49

A shape I tried. Is it cool?

14.12.2014 10:25
Penrose Cube
Penrose Cube

I made this up about 6 months and thought you might want it for your figures gallery. What you are doing with Impossible Art website is better than great and i hope it will continue well into the future. Bucwah

09.10.2014 10:59
Vinko Star
Vinko Star by SatRizer

i am SatRizer

08.07.2014 08:12
Software for (semi) automatic generation of impossible figures?

I'm interested in this subject for educational purposes. I myself was unable to get such software. The only applications I was able to find are these for manual modelling, but these don't interest me.

However, I found two papers with interesting solutions:
[1] "Torus Figure Generating System Based on Graph Theoretical Representation and Topological Analysis"
This one is fine. You provide a flat figure as input, and you get 2-D multi-bar impossible object in output.
However, neither ...

03.05.2014 18:21
Playing Around
Construct 1- Star cubes

I was shooting for something totally different but ended up here...

04.05.2012 05:53
Diminishing Pillars
Diminishing Pillars

My first impossible shape using this software. Kind of looks like pillars or even a spiral shape.